Do I need a permit to receive my order?


Yes, if you are living in the NT or TAS, there are restrictions in receiving live fish and plants. 

Northern Territory residents

If you are living in the NT, you would need to apply for a S11 permit with the NT fisheries.  More information on the permit can be found here

You can click here to download the permit application form. 

If you have any questions in filling out the form, feel free to send us an e-mail.

Tasmanian residents

Due to biosecurity regulations, you would need to have a fish dealers license or know of a shop with a fish dealers license that will accept the order on your behalf. Please be aware charges apply with Tasmanian fisheries.

Western Australian residents 

Though a permit is not required on the customer side, there are restrictions on what we can ship across the border. We can't ship any invertebrates or plants into WA. We hold the permit to ship and WA quarantine sends us the invoices for the inspection fees. 

If an invoice is sent to you, please forward us a copy of all pages of the invoice as well as a payment receipt and we will reimburse the costs to you. We are unable to reimburse the costs unless all documents are received.