Individual Betta (Fighting Fish) lots will be posted in this section for purchase to enable quick & easy selection of your dream fish.

The fish depicted in the picture will be the fish you receive unless otherwise stated.

Assorted Avatar Delta-tail Pair


Assorted Black Fancy HMPK Male


Assorted Multicolour Crowntail Male


Assorted Yellow Koi Copper HMPK Pair


Assorted Crowntail Dumbo Pair


Assorted Multicolour Dumbo Delta-tail Pair


Assorted Multicolour Dumbo HMPK Pair


Assorted Gold Dumbo Delta-tail Pair


Assorted Yellow Hellboy Pair


Assorted Yellow Halfmoon Male


Assorted Orange HMPK Female


Assorted Black Galaxy HMPK Female


Assorted Multicolour HMPK Male


Assorted Nemo Candy HMPK Pair


Assorted Yellow Fancy HMPK Female


Assorted Yellow Fancy HMPK Male


Assorted Blue Dalmatian HMPK Male


Assorted Blue Rim HMPK Pair


Assorted Armageddon Vanda Halfmoon Pair


Assorted Yellow Samurai HMPK Pair


Assorted Red Samurai HMPK Pair


Assorted Black Samurai HMPK Pair


Assorted Candy Nemo Halfmoon Male


Assorted Samurai HMPK Female


Assorted HMPK Female


Assorted Halfmoon Male


Assorted Metallic HMPK Male


Assorted Koi HMPK Female

$15.00 -SOLD OUT-

Assorted Red Dragon HMPK Female

$12.00 -SOLD OUT-

Assorted Black Dragon HMPK Female

$12.00 -SOLD OUT-
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