How to Order?



Our main focus is on Bettas, Goldfish and Ornamental shrimp. The menu bar at the top of the website offers links to each of those sections. 

By hovering your mouse over the Menu Item, it will bring down a drop-down menu with more selections which seperate each category into more specific collections. 

For example, Bettas are separated by colour type and strain. 


Selecting Your Fish

Most of the fish (Bettas and Goldfish) are listed individually, so the image of the fish in the picture is the fish being purchased. Please check the description to ensure that is the case. Listings such as ones for wild bettas are not, but instead an image of the stock we have at hand due to the fish looking very consistent to one another.


If you wish to select for those listings, please e-mail or message us on Facebook to get pictures or videos. 

Additionally, if you wish to have a better look at the individual listings, we can supply videos by requests via email or Facebook messenger. 


What's the newest additions?

In order to view the newest stock added, you can use the "sort by" function at the top of the page. Clicking on the "sort by" bubble will cause the drop-down menu to pop out, then you'd click on the "date, new to old". That will sort that category into items listed most recently being brought to the first few pages and the items listed before to the pages that follow. 



By using that function, you are also able to sort the listings by alphabetical order, price and popularity.