Transhipping Terms & Conditions

Seven Fishes reserves the right to amend or change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
Seven Fishes reserves the right to refuse to tranship an order under any circumstance.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Once payment has been made for transhipping of customer’s fish to commence, it is deemed that the terms and conditions are agreed to.
  2. If Shipment Registration Form is not completed 7 days prior to proposed export date, fish will not be exported. Any losses resultant from waiting for the next export date will not be refundable.
  3. Costs of shipping and fish within Indonesia is separate from costs of transhipping charged by Seven Fishes. Please check with the seller the costs they charge to ship from them to our contact in Indonesia.
  4. All purchases are final, once the transaction is made between the Indonesian Seller and Customer, there is no change of mind refunds nor returns.
  5. There will be no holding of fish once released from Quarantine in Australia. Please ensure you are reading to receive the fish when placing the order.
    1. The Quarantine Process is 7 days. We will notify of a release date when Biosecurity Inspections are booked.
  6. Death on Arrival
    1. Please understand transhipping has risks involved. The fish is transported from one destination to another. While care is taken in Indonesia and Australia to ensure the health of the fish is maintained, the travels can at times be too much for the fish.
    2. Customers are to confirm the DOA policy of the seller prior to purchase. The DOA policy from seller will be applied in Indonesia when sending from seller to our exporter in Indonesia or release from Quarantine in Australia if the seller has that cover.
    3. We will document the fish on arrival and notify the Customer in order for them to liase any issues with the seller.
    4. Any marbling or fin nipping in the time from arrival at exporter to release from Quarantine and receipt by customer will be a risk that is accepted by the customer if they elect to use Seven Fishes for transhipping.
    5. Deaths occurring at exporters or in quarantine will be documented. Store Credit at Seven Fishes will be applied to the value of the fish if death occurs in exporter care or in quarantine. Transhipping and Shipping costs are non-refundable.
      1. Invoice and payment receipt must be provided in order to receive Store Credit. There will be no store credit if value of the fish cannot be determined from the invoice and payment receipt.
    6. It is the Customer’s responsibility to follow up with the seller for any issues and delivery of the fish to our exporter. We will assume the fish is correct and export if no response is provided when we confirm receipt of fish at our exporter’s premise in Indonesia.
      1. If the wrong fish is sent, Customer will have to liase with the seller on their own. We are only responsible for documentation and re-export of the fish.
      2. Any issues such as but not limited to delays in mail, loss in mail etc. is not the responsibility of Seven Fishes or their exporter. The Customer will need to contact the seller and organize a solution with them.
      3. We will not hold fish whilst disputes are being sorted.


 Process and Procedures.

  1. Once a fish has been selected from your chosen seller, payment to the seller is completed on the customer’s end.
  2. Please contact Ridho Harfanni (Whatsapp +62 857 1450 9238) to arrange for fish to be delivered to him to be ready for export to Seven Fishes.
  3. Please complete the transhipping registration form and complete payment for transhipping costs on  the Seven Fishes website. This can be done via adding the respective fish due to be transhipped to cart and checking out. 
  4. The order can be placed by adding the tranship items into cart from :


  1. Bettas
    1. All standard sized, small to medium sized wild bettas are charged at $30 AUD each excluding local courier fees within Australia
    2. Giant & Large Wild Bettas $38 AUD each excluding local courier fees within Australia
  2. Guppies
    1. Guppies are $38 AUD a pair excluding local courier fees within Australia. (Individuals $19 AUD)
  3. Entire Boxes
    1. Whole Boxes are charged at $1100 AUD per box (excl. local courier fees within Australia).
    2. Box size is 75 x 43x 22cm.
  4. Other Tropical Fish
    1. Please contact Seven Fishes if other tropical fish are intended to be ordered. Due to Biosecurity restrictions, not all farms can be accepted.
    2. Tropical Fish are charged by whole box or part thereof.
    3. It is an offence to import fish not on the Permitted Species List. We will not import the fish if non-permitted species are ordered. Any monetary losses resultant will be incurred by the customer.

     To complete the payment, select the desired products to tranship on:  and add to cart. Complete the check-out process and fill out the Transhipping Agreement Form. 

     Please note that if the form or payment is not completed, we will not tranship the fish. Any delays or issues due to that will be at the cost of the customer.