The Shipping Process


Once your beloved fish has been ordered, it's time to get them prepared for the journey to you. 

We ship on Mondays to Wednesdays to avoid any risk of delays causing the fish to be held over the weekend. With the exception of WA being on Mondays only.

The fish are shipped with our network of carriers (Toll Priority & Australia Post) to ensure they are delivered to you promptly anywhere in Australia. 

The fish are  fasted for about 24 hrs to ensure minimal waste in their bags. As such there is a cutoff for orders to be sent the next day.  The water used for bettas is a weak solution of methylene blue in order to hinder infections in the situation that the fins get torn. The water would look green if some almond leaf extract gets into it. 

They are then packaged in styrofoam boxes to insulate them from the weather as well as a heat pack to maintain a warm temperature during the colder months. Typically 72 hour heat packs are used to ensure any delays will not affect the fish too much. In the months whereby its quite hot during the day, 12 or 24 hour heat packs are used.

Oxygen is used in bagging of the fish. 

Bettas are usually packed in the long slender betta bags. One and Two betta orders will be packaged in larger bags that encompass the styrofoam box.

Each box is then labelled accordingly with Live Fish and Fragile Stickers to ensure the carriers are aware of the contents.  

The carriers typically pick up the parcels around midday, tracking information on the respective websites can sometimes have a delay in updating. If there is no updates by the end of the day, please contact us and we can look into it. 

Please understand due to the fact that we are not delivering the fishes with our own personal network of drivers, we cannot guarantee a specific time during the day for the parcels to arrive. This would very much depend on the routes and schedules of the drivers in the respective companies. They will leave the parcels at the door in instances where it is safe to do so if the address is unattended.