Medications & Additives

Looking to provide the best environment for your pet fish? Are your pet fish looking slightly under the weather? 

These products can treat most common ailments in aquarium fish as well as provide for the perfect environment for them to thrive in.

Aquasonic Methylene Blue 100ml


Betta Fighter Starter Pack


Sera Betta Aquatan


Blue Planet Aquari-cycline

from $25.00

Sera Shrimp Mineral Salt 105g


Blue Planet Tri-Sulfa Tablets

from $16.00

LCA All-in-One Shrimp Safe Liquid Fertiliser

from $29.95 -SOLD OUT-

Blue Planet Fluke & Tapeworm Tablets

from $27.00

LCA Low Tech Complete Liquid Fertiliser

from $29.95

LCA Planaria Fix

from $29.95

LCA Tannin Plus

from $29.95

LCA All-in-One Liquid Fertiliser

from $29.95

LCA Triple B (Black Beard Blaster)

from $29.95

Planaria & Hydra Cure

$35.00 -SOLD OUT-

Seachem Prime 100ml


Sera CO2 Tabs Plus Refill (20 Tab)

$17.20 -SOLD OUT-

Azoo Max Shrimp Breed


Blue Planet Para-cide

from $20.00 -SOLD OUT-

Shrimp Nature Blue


Azoo Max Shrimp Meal


Pisces Aquatics Nitrobacter Powder 50g

$18.50 -SOLD OUT-

LCA GH Booster Liquid


LCA Advanced Red Liquid Fertiliser


Sera CO2 Start


Tannin Powder


Azoo Max Bio Ball

$35.00 -SOLD OUT-

Shrimp Nature Chitin


LCA Shrimp Vitality


Gei-Lee Shrimp Feed

$35.00 -SOLD OUT-

Gei-Lee Bitter Tea Seed Meal (Parasite & Pest Remover)

$35.00 -SOLD OUT-
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