Darwin Nerite Snails

Darwin Nerite Snails - Seven Fishes
Darwin Nerite Snails - Seven Fishes

Darwin Nerite Snails


A very ornamental type snail with each snail displaying varying degrees of patterning. These snails live in both fresh & salt water. They are popular with freshwater aquarists as part of their cleanup crew, cleaning up numerous types of algae. They will not breed in a freshwater environment. 

Please do note that nerite snails have a hard time uprighting themselves. Please avoid dropping the snails into the aquarium, place them in a spot in the upright position for best practise. 

These snails are Australian sourced.

Size Sold: Small ~0.5 cm

Ideal Water Parameters:


Temperature: 72°-78°F (22°-26°C)
Ammonia/Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: <30 ppm
pH: 7.0-8.2
GH: 5-8 dGH
KH: 5-15 dKH

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Darwin Nerite Snails